The inspiration and the inspirer are two of the many elements that make Social Muses what it is - a community, a platform, a memoir, for those committed to bringing about change for everyone around them.

Sources of inspiration to our dreams are always subjective and often difficult to explain in their complexities, but felt with great intensity, nonetheless.

The mind’s life is a series of dreams, some coming to fruition while others dwindle, but the soul never forgets to dream whether we’re conscious of it or not.

For those dreams that survive the body’s nature of self-doubt and inertia there is invariably a muse - a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration - by definition; something that drives our seemingly ludicrous ideas to fulfillment.

This is a platform to connect inspirers, share their work, and sources of inspiration. For a generation with the strongest force of digital connectedness and informational access, our desire is to create a network of muses aspiring and inspiring positive change for the world. We’re aware of the wars, famine, social injustices, climate changes, epidemics, etc., but how well do we know the individuals working relentlessly towards progress?

These are the stories of the ones who inspire promising change, socially - the modern day muses of the world.

May this inspire you.

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